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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Waiting for Bert

Well it’s official.  Bert’s broken!  I have tried all the things in the manual to fix him and all the things on the internet.  He’s still poorly. Proper poorly as they would say here in Devon.
Yesterday I packed him up and sent him off to the hospital for poorly sewing machines – Brother UK.  It was a sad day.

So I have to apologise for the little hiatus in blogging.  I have been wallowing in the despair of the demise of Bert.  Stupid I know, but he made me so happy, and then in one day…. all that happiness was taken away from me.  Who knew a sewing machine could give such joy?

In my mild depression I turned my lounge into a cutting room for a few days and cut all of my Christmas presents out.  Now I just have to get Bert back to get them all sewn up in time for the Big day (or the Big Send-off).

To keep me happy, I’ve been watching The Nameless Cat play in her new box house.  She has a little thing for boxes, I cut some holes in my Lady Valet box and made her a play house.  She loves it!!.

I hope to be back blogging almost daily (my ultimate goal is a blog a day) soon.  I might do an interim post on The Fairy Godmother’s quilts if anyone is interested. 
See you soon, Cyd.

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  1. Awesome cat house! She looks very pleased, I think my cat would be pretty chuffed with that too!