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Monday, 8 November 2010

Sunday night project

This morning I added more stuff to the Translation page.  Take a peek and feel free to add or correct anything.

Tonight though, I was feeling guilty about neglecting HB.  I wanted to sit with him whilst still getting on with my little projects, instead of us being in seperate rooms.  I managed to cut out his trouser pattern and am ready to start making the toil.  It’s going to be white, so I figure they can be his ‘Brit abroad’ trousers when done…Ha ha!

I have also cut out some of my other patterns for Krimbo, and am almost ready to get started on those.

But I needed instant gratification.

After using my newly acquired pincushion, I was becoming frustrated.  It was not weighted and kept falling over and it was too small. 

So I decided to make my own Sunday night pincushion. 

First thing to do was to cut out a big circle, what better template to use than a side plate (my next one will be dinner plate size).

Next was to add the base so it wouldn’t fall over.  For this I couldn’t find a 50p coin, but I did manage to find a good old Aussie 50 cent coin that was perfect for the job. 

After tracing around it I made a little disc to cover it, and roughly tacked it into place. Then I ran a gathering stitch around the outside.

Then, I needed weight.What better tools than lentils and hosiery.

Stuffing, and pull gathering thread to pull it all together.

Some rick rack, and the perfect ice cream topping combined with my bad embroidery skills. 

and TA DA!!!!!!

One Sunday night pin cushion!!!!  


  1. So cute! I love those pins as well.

  2. Thanks Tilly. I felt quite proud of myself after this little creation.