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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Too much excitement for one day

What an exciting day it’s been here in Devon. 

Firstly  I have managed to felt my first projects with mediocre success.  I bought some wool suitable for felting (the first attempt was a disaster as I didn’t know there was such a thing as ‘super wash’ wool).  I did some cute 5 minute daisies using this free pattern

I looked up how to felt and  A,- I don’t have a top loading machine.  Most people here in the UK have front loaders as they are smaller (laundry/utility rooms are rare),and  B – I couldn’t justify a full load of washing for these tiny darlings.  So I filled a Tupperware like container with hot water and a drop of fairy liquid (apparently this helps bond the fibres), called my mate 'Happy Ness' the quilting queen, in Australia, and shook my little heart out for however long we chatted for (about an hour I think). Ultimately I would like them to be more felt-y but an hour of sloshing some flowers in a box is quite long enough thank you.  Next time I’ll wait until I Skype my friend Sheana… we usually chat for about 2 hours… should be felt perfect.  They are now pinned out on a towel drying into shape ready for some cute button centres. 

Next, I re-fashioned my first thing from my wardrobe.  I have this really comfy dress that had open sleeves which I didn’t like, so I threaded Bert with some brown thread and voila… one re-fashioned dress, fit for a bingo winged antipodean. 
I try to look as glamerous as possible for you all.  One day I'll be as beautiful as Casey, or Gertie

I'm holding in my pot belly for you all.  I'm nice like that.

Then the most beautiful thing happened…. My new lady valet arrived..

I was so so excited, I was squealing with joy.  It took me a little while to assemble her, but eventually I got it together and here she is.

Unfortunately I’m almost the largest size of the small LV (not good for the ego I can assure you), and too small for the Medium LV, so she has some wide gappage, which I hope to fix with some lovely fabric sometime in the near future.  For now, a black tutu (from my only other sewing project since living in the uk) will suffice. 

We could almost be sisters.  I’m the one with the bigger boobs.  Now all she needs is a name.  Ideas welcome.

Also, some of my late night eBay vintage patterns arrived.  Hooray.  I can now start planning some winter wardrobe treasures.  I’m thinking wool tartan/plaid wiggle dress?????

Then… ( I know, can you believe there was so much joy in one day of my life), I found a cute 40s style top in a local charity shop (pic to come later), and a cute modern take on a wrap tea dress.  All for less than £6.  I also found some beautiful vintage embossers, which I am going to go back and get tomorrow for future Etsy/Antipodean Artisan entrepreneurial ventures. 

I also, did a little Krimbo stuff.  I think I have got everything I need for everyone.  Now I just need to make and assemble it all.  Only 38 days to go!  AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And finally I got cracking on my first dress for me.  So far I’m only up to the darts, but I love my carbon paper, and my tracing wheel. 

If only I had used these years ago when I was making dresses and costumes.  Now all I have to do is finish it for a Birthday party on Saturday.

What a lovely day.  Back to the sewing machine for me. Thanks for stopping by.  Don't forget to check out my recently updated 'Translation' page. 

Cheers, Cyd.

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