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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Bali Belly

Hey there folks.  I am back from my amazing trip to Bali, but I have brought back with me a delightful case of Bali Belly and am in my second week off work.  I have spent many hours watching old movies and catching up on my favourite TV programmes.  I am trying to build up the strength to get some sewing done, but with the cramps and continuous trips to the loo.... the sofa is a much more preferable place.

So until I get my butt into gear (in more ways than one) and do some sewing I am going to share with you my sick purchases.  Today I was very naughty and feeling sorry for myself, bought myself some lovely new shoes and a pair of gorgeous earrings from Irregular Choice.  These are my absolute favourite shoe brand so I thought I'd share them with you in hope that you tell me how lovely they are and lucky I am to have made such beautiful choices in shoes. 
I can't wait to wear these with all of my retro dresses
These are the most beautiful shoes

Perfect for spring and summer wear

and these..... they will look good with EVERYTHING!!!!

I've been coveting these boots for a very long time


  1. Did you buy all those shoes??? Wow! You're going to have the fanciest feet in town! ;)

    Sorry you're feeling poorly, hope you feel better soon.

  2. Wow! Those shoes are beautiful indeed!
    Good on ya girl! ;O)


  3. Bali Belly sounds awful, I do hope you feel better soon. At least it sounds like you enjoyed Bali itself! The shoes are stunning, can honestly say I've never seen shoes like them! I like the pink flats, although snow boots and wooly socks are more in order for me at the mo'...

  4. Just thought I'd pop by and see if you're feeling any better yet? Oh, and have the shoes arrived?? ;)