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Monday, 15 November 2010

The stash is building

Ok folks, so Bert (my sewing machine) and I have only known each other for maybe 8 weeks and already I have accumulated quite a frightening amount of stuff. 

Firstly there is the building and growing of the ‘studio’.  After deciding to take a hiatus from my MSc this year (and maybe longer, who knows), I got rid of my old desk and made a new one.  This one had to be big enough to accommodate my old Mac (which I can’t seem to part with, but is only good for Photoshop and iTunes as it is non-upgradable), my printer and enough space for Bert and me to create beautiful things together.  The studio space was markedly changed with the acquisition of the overpriced but ever so lovely wallie tree, and wallie blackboard.  My flat is rented and thus I am not allowed to put any holes in the walls, so when I discovered these I had to indulge myself.  The table was made by yours truly without the help of Hero Boy. 
Lessons learned:  When making furniture, accurate measurements are a must and impatience leads to wobbliness….

…alas, my table is a little wobbly (but I still blame the old Georgian floor).

Next are the patterns.  I had to move my text books up a shelf or two and move some photography gear under my bed to make space and already I've almost run out of room.

I started buying patterns before Bert and I met.  I am yet to buy any actual vintage patterns, but have quite a collection of new vintage from Vintage Vogue and Retro Butterick.  I haven’t sewn anything for myself yet except for a pair of wide leg trousers (I cut the pattern myself  from a friend’s pair).

Fabric.  My first major shopping spree was in Bradford whilst Hero Boy and I were in Yorkshire in early October.  For those of you who don’t know, there is a large Indian and Pakistani population in Bradford and Leeds, which means lots, and lots of beautiful fabric.  I was a complete white Aussie girl in these shops and I’m sure I amused more than one shop keeper.  Alas, I was in my element and after having a little chat to myself to not be scared of the fabric. I dragged HB around for what was almost the entirety of one whole day.  His response to that was – for every hour I make him go fabric shopping, he will reciprocate with an hour of cricked shop shopping.  Hmmm... I think I'll take my girlfriends next time.

And Books.  I have decided if I am going to get better I need to study a little.

Also I have these beautiful saris from my friend Yogi.  Apparently they can't be worn anymore, and so she gave them to me to do with what I want.  I'm really not sure what to do with them, so would be grateful for any ideas. 

Remember there is about 7m of fabric in each of them and quite a lot of embroidery and beading.

Happy sewing


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