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Sunday, 7 November 2010

A few little things

The sewing has begun.  So far I have attempted most of my intended projects. 


The apron is almost finished.  It took a little longer as I spent most of the day fabric shopping and continuing the stash stock (more bobbins please).  This is it so far.  I will finish it tomorrow.
Lessons learned:  Pattern fabric when cut on the fold – one side will be upside down!  A gathering foot is on my ‘to purchase’ list.

All done.  Ready for wrapping up and sending off.  I’m so proud of these.  They are so so cute.
Lessons learned:  Always always always read the pattern instructions FIRST!  This is a lesson I need to learn for cooking from  recipes  too.

The Crazy Nameless Cat just couldn't resist the camera.

Muslin face cloths
Abandoned…. My sewing machine ate one of them (it got caught in the foot thingie and I had to cut it out) and I couldn’t get my decorative stitches right.  They went all wonky, so they have been added to my home pile.
Lesson learned:  A new sewing machine is like a new oven.  It takes a while to get used to.  Does anyone else have this problem? In particular; figuring out the right tension.  My last machine, I barely had to adjust the tension at all.  This one I have to adjust if I double the thickness of the fabric…… very tiresome, but I’ll get the hang of it.  

Lining for my Lloyd Loom wool basket
Done, and after two attempts I am pleased with the outcome.  The basket itself was thrifted on my last shopping trip for £5.  I thought it was perfect to store all of my wool, knitting and crotchet needles, but it needed a facelift.  I spent a night scrubbing it with a toothbrush and the next day painstakingly painting it, trying not to clog up the holes.  This worked in some places, and I grew impatient in others.  I did a rough measurement of the lining at first and ended up unpicking the whole thing and starting again.  It was worth the effort in the end.
Lessons learned: Guessing is never a good thing. An impatient stitcher is a BAD BAD stitcher. 



How cute are my bows?

So now the to do list is:

Christmas presents – Shall be blogged about on Crafty Christmas blog.  All friends of mine…. unless you want your surprise ruined, please refrain from looking until Dec 25th or until after you have unwrapped your gift.  (I haven’t started my Aussie mates gifts yet and missed the mailing date….. yours might be a little late, but at least this years gift will be better than last).   I think I have all the ideas and fabric, and now am panicking about the volume.
Dress for Hero Boy’s Christmas party (in 3 weeks!!)

Trousers for Hero Boy.  He has one of those delicious sticky-outy bums that he hates, but I love and am determined to create the perfect fit for him. 

Bali Holiday (in Feb) clothes.  Clothes for temperatures above 25 and humidity levels of 75%.  These clothes will also serve me for my family trip to the Philippines in Sept.  If only I could look like this

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