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Friday, 4 February 2011

New Year, New Me!

So it’s a new year and a long time between blogs.  Unfortunately I begin this new year (I’m starting with the Chinese New Year) alone.  Yes it’s just me and the Nameless Cat and one  hero sized hole. 

My little helper

So although I find myself alone for 2011,  I begin this year with my beautiful sewing machine (fixed by the lovely Brother people)  and considerable stash of patterns, fabrics and notions that would not have come to be without Hero Boy. My plan for 2011 is to spend as much time hooking and sewing lots and lots of lovely pretty things with the help of the Nameless Cat

During some of my recent un-blogging time, I watched  United States of Tara and Being Erica and have many Alice frocks and wrap dresses planned.  and who knows maybe it's time to move back home to Australia, so lots of pretty dresses will be perfect.

Toni Collette as Alice in United States of Tara
Gorgeous Alice dress with chording and pockets

Fabric for the first Alice dress

I do have some things to show you, it hasn’t all been sad love songs, chick flicks and wine…..

Lately I’ve progressed on a few hooky projects like my granny squares.

Basic plain granny squares

Grannys with flower centres
 and a baby blanket for the not yet born Hugo.

And I’ve sewn a few things too....

........a cute blue and white dress.

.....“Porridge Bear” for baby Jessica

..... an apron for my sister (a really late Birthday present)

.....a  tea cosy of my own design inspired by my lovely friend Shakira during a very girlie, very crafty weekend here in Devon. With some other little patchwork thingies waiting to be sewn up.

And, yesterday I finally made a maxi dress out of some fabulous fabric my mum 'The Fairy Godmother' sent me for Christmas.  I am off to Bali for two weeks next week, so I wanted to get it done by then.  I have one more dress to do, and one day to do it in…. I’m not holding out too much hope.  I have been spending my sewing hours doing other not so happy things of late.

the fabric

the dress
On a Happy note
Three work days and six sleeps to go until Bali.  I plan on gaining many freckles, reading a book or two, spending a lot of time on the beach, and coming back with some lovely fabric to add to the ever growing stash. 

Oh and as 2011 sees two of my beautiful girlfriends head down the scary road of IVF, and another friend with baby Hugo due in March, so hopefully there will be many lovely cute baby things made by me too.

So a Happy Chinese New Year to you all, and may 2011 be creatively prosperous.



  1. Those dresses are beautiful!

    So jealous that someone else is going somewhere hot and sunny and getting to bring back lovely fabric! A friend of mine is off to Pakistan for three weeks...

    Have a lovely time!

  2. Loads of lovely makes there, so glad you got your sewing machine back! I love that blue & white dress... Enjoy the sun, hope the rest of your year is full of as much sunny days as possilbe!

  3. Thanks MM and Sarah. It's a well deserved break believe me. I can't wait. One more dress to finish.