The Antipodean Artisan's Story

Wednesday, 15 December 2010


Hey everyone.  I just wanted to say sorry for the lack of blogs.  I have actually been doing some sewing and crochet but I feel guilty for not doing the other.  Does anyone else feel this way?  I still have some christmas sewing to do, but everytime i think of doing it i just want to make more stuff for me.  Too many things on the to do list.  That is my problem.  After all the Christmas stuff is done, I am going to try to do one project at a time. This of course will not happen, as I love making stuff for other people.  But less stuff for them and more for me..... that's the plan.  And more blogs. 


  1. Guilty!?.. I can vouch that our beloved Cyd is one busy and creative lady!.. You should see her Floral Granny Square creation!

    Happy New Year My Dear!
    And to all fellow Crafters & Followers Too!

    x x

  2. Don't feel guilty. Love what you do. xx

  3. Hope everythings okay and you're just engrossed in making! Looking forward to seeing what you've been up to :-)