The Antipodean Artisan's Story

Monday, 18 July 2011

A cause for celebration

Just a quick note to you all

I am almost a British Citizen!!! 

Yes folks, I will be exactly 1/2 Brit and 1/2 Aussie by this time next week.  I still have some hems to sew, so I'd better get cracking so I have something to wear.  Must wear a dress made in the UK for my UK citizenship ceremony right? If only I had time to make a whole new one.  My sewing room is half packed up and my list of things to do before the movers come is huge!  If only I had time to make Gertie's dress... I think that's a project for when I get back.  Maybe I'll make it my frst one.  It will help the Nameless Cat and I get used to our new home.  Yes folks, she's coming with me.  She just might be called the Two Thousand Pound Cat once we are there....

Ohh... and I think I have a new name for the Aussie blog.  It's still a secret, but amazing how much time I've spent thinking of something good. I hope to blog more, and sew more as I'll be with the Fairy Godmother who is an awsome quilter, and near Patty and Jane who will be not far away and fellow sewing buddys.  Ahhhh I can't wait.  And for those of you in Australia.... I can't wait for regular trips to Spotlight and Lyncraft!  Does anyone know of any other cool fabric stores and yarn stores to check out? 

It's all getting exciting now.

See you soon