The Antipodean Artisan's Story

Friday, 10 June 2011


Just a little note to let you know I'll not be blogging for a few months.  I've decided I'm moving back to Australia, and I've got 2 months to sort everything out. 

I'll no longer be the 'Antipodean', as I'll be home, so whilst I'm thinking of living two summers in a row I'll be trying to think of a new blog name for me.  I also plan on doing a lot more sewing when I get home.  I've been rather lazy lately.  The decision to move back has been a big one and has occupied much of my time and head space so my apologies for not writing anything in a long time. 

Let me know if you can think of any good blog names for a wannabe artist living in Melbourne (again), who loves to sew, and likes all things retro. 

Thanks for all the folks who have read my tiny space online, and have sent me lovely messages.  I love you guys. 

I promise to keep y'all updated on the crazy move. 

See you soon